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NICE (Product Design)

Case Study: Designing a Futuristic Call Center Shift Planner for NICE

Background: NICE, a global leader in cloud customer experience platforms, constantly innovates to enhance contact center operations. With a reputation for integrating AI, automation, and analytics into their solutions, NICE sought to revolutionize shift planning in their large-scale call centers, accommodating over 300 agents per shift.

Objective: The goal was to conceptualize a Call Center Shift Planner that aligns with NICE's commitment to operational efficiency, employee engagement, and digital transformation. The solution had to cater to the needs of shift planners and agents, predominantly using desktop interfaces.

Key Features of the Shift Planner:

  1. Advanced Scheduling Display: Presenting shift schedules for both the immediate week and the upcoming month, offering a comprehensive and forward-looking view.

  2. Interactive Shift Confirmation: Enabling agents to confirm or decline shifts effortlessly, with clear indications of their scheduling status.

  3. Flexible Shift Management: Providing options for agents to request shift changes or propose shift trades, enhancing workforce management flexibility.

Design Challenge: Develop a desktop-based solution for both the Shift Planner and Call Center Agent, focusing on creating detailed wireframes or prototypes. The emphasis at this stage was on functionality over visual design.

Solution Approach: The design aimed to integrate seamlessly with NICE's existing cloud-native CXone platform, focusing on user-centricity and offering the admin and the call agent a single-glance solution to streamline shift planning.

Outcome: The envisaged Call Center Shift Planner was offered to set to become an integral part of NICE's suite of applications, empowering call center operations with increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.


As VP of Marketing at PATRICK ASSARAF, I focused on leveraging the iconic stature of the brand to gain a deeper understanding of our customer demographics through targeted analysis and research. This renowned brand, celebrated for its luxurious essentials and high-end fashion, provided a solid foundation for my marketing strategies. Known for its perfect balance of elegance and comfort, and its expansive range from sophisticated outerwear to premium T-shirts, PATRICK ASSARAF was the ideal backdrop for my initiatives​​​​.

In this role, I introduced personalized VIP packages, tapping into the luxury market's penchant for bespoke experiences. This approach was in harmony with PATRICK ASSARAF's commitment to style, quality, and unparalleled value, ensuring that our offerings resonated with our discerning clientele.


One of my notable achievements was in the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By implementing minor but strategic adjustments to the SEO of items in our online store, I was able to significantly enhance their visibility, elevating an item's ranking from page 33 to page 2 on Google search. This was a testament to my digital marketing skills and an understanding of the crucial role of online presence in contemporary retail. It was especially impactful considering the brand's journey and evolution under the leadership of Patrick Assaraf at PYA Importer, where I contributed to enhancing the brand's online reach and accessibility​​.

My tenure at PATRICK ASSARAF was marked by a deep alignment with the brand's ethos of luxury and quality, and a strategic marketing approach that amplified its prestige in the high-end fashion sector.


VP Marketing

I was hired as Director of Brand for the B2B SaaS  company to revivify the brand and connect better with audiences.

Lambda Solutions (Brand)

As the Director of Brand at Lambda Solutions, I led the shift from a visually fragmented brand to a cohesive, modern identity. Through research and collaboration with a skilled design team, we unified our branding across all touchpoints, enhancing our market positioning and customer engagement.

Lambda Solutions Rebranding.

As the creator of Lambda Solutions' brand book, I consolidated our ethos and visual guidelines into a pivotal document, forged through teamwork with design and marketing units. This brand book now ensures a unified voice and appearance across all platforms, bolstering a cohesive, professional market image.

Building the brand book.


Injecting humor into Lambda Solutions' advertising campaigns, I brought a fresh, engaging approach to our B2B SaaS marketing. Humor not only made our ads more memorable and enjoyable, but it also humanized our brand, fostering a genuine connection with our clientele. This lighthearted touch differentiated us in a competitive market, showcasing our unique brand personality while effectively communicating our software solutions' value.



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